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Germany Job Seeker Visa is a Long-term Residence permit that allows you to stay in Germany & search for a job. Through Job Seeker visa, Germany intends to attract highly educated skilled immigrants who are able to meet the requirements of country’s skills shortage .The job seeker visa it is valid for a period of 6 months. If the applicant has been successful in finding a job then a Germany Work Permit will be granted.

Permanent Residence Scheme

As per the new German Immigration Act, which became active on 1 January 2005, highly skilled immigrants can be granted Permanent German: Work and Residence Permit from the beginning only. In order to acquire German residence and work permit, the applicants are supposed to report at the German Consulate or German Embassy in their home country. Highly professional immigrants only need a prior job offer from a German employer and permission granted by the German Employment Agency.

During their stay as visitors in Germany, nationals of the US, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and Switzerland can apply and obtain residence and work permit. Citizens of mentioned countries cannot work in Germany till they acquire both residence and work permit.

Qualifications or Eligibility Criterion for Obtaining Permanent Residence Permit

The employee and the German company must meet the following requirements:

The immigrant must be hired on equal terms as a German employee by his German employer

It should be ensured beforehand that no German or other European citizen is available to fill the vacancy in question

The immigrant should have a valid and relevant university degree or comparable qualification

The German company must be appropriately registered with the Labor Authorities in Germany and should apply for a Corporate

Under the new German Immigration Act, the immigrant has to go through following levels :

Level 1 : The application for residence permit is submitted by the applicant with the German Embassy in his home town. This application is Then received by the German authorities. This provides him entry into the labor market of Germany.

Level 2 : For initial approval, the application is passed on to the immigration office, the Auslaenderbehoerde, (at the place of job) by the Embassy. The immigration office and the local employment office (the Arbeitsamt), where they decide wheither to approve or disapprove the application.

Level 3 : The Embassy grants an entry visa to the applicant whose application has been approved.

Level 4 : After reaching Germany, the immigrant and his family members must apply and obtain work and residence permits from the Local Foreigners Authority.

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