New Zealand Tourist Visa

Candidates who wish to go to New Zealand as Students for more than 3 months need a student visa from the New Zealand Immigration department.All studentswho come toNew Zealand to study from abroad must meet certain rules and requirements.

Why New Zealand?

New Zealand comprises of two islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean near to the Australian island. The country displays an eclectic mix of people and cultures and roughly one-fifth of its citizens were born outside of the country. New Zealand’s education is ranked 7th best in the world according to The Programme for International Student Assessment. New Zealands education system is well respected and recognised the world over giving prospective students a variety of options around the world post completion of their chosen courses. The New Zealand university system is based on the British higher education model. Therefore, the two systems display a number of similarities in teaching methods and the university campuses.

New Zealand has been voted the safest place in the world by the Global Peace Index 2010. Additionally, as it is a small country, it provides people with a sense of belonging but at the same time sufficient freedom to help people grow as individuals and professionals. The cost of studying in New Zealand is considerably less than other developed countries, making it an ideal choice for students.

What WVP can do for you:

WVP is one of the most respected student service organisations globally. We help thousands of students each year attain admission into the course and institute of their choice. The Education Counsellors at WVP are experts in the education system of New Zealand. We also have offices in many major cities around the world. This ensures that we help our clients with their post-relocation requirements when they arrive in the country. We ensure that we help you during the entire process including important decisions regarding the course and country, course application submission, visa submission, pre-departure counselling and relocation assistance.

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