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Australia is a country of beaming opportunities, a place of varied contrasts with some great opportunities for those who wish to settle here. From the diverse flora and fauna to the cultured cities, Australia is a beautiful country intriguing migrants from all across the world. The country offers some great options of personal growth for skilled workers, students, business individuals, and migrants looking for permanent residency. With excellent job opportunities for skilled workers, a great living standard, and favourable Government policies, Australia is a dream for many.

The Australian landscape is also one of the most preferred destinations for Immigration and permanent residency. And, with ever-growing participation of Australia in the international markets, the country is in need of skilled labour & professionals to contribute to the Australian economy. The Australian government has also released Skilled Occupation list for various states & territories in need of skilled workers to ensure you can migrate under the right occupation list and settle in the region of your choice. Moreover, the trouble free point test system, Skill select introduced by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) facilitates aspiring migrants to take the first step toward their dream to migrate to Australia.

What are the Benefits of an Australian PR Visa?
  • As a PR visa holder, one can work, live, and study in any part of Australia. They also have the freedom to travel within and outside Australia for an unlimited time period.
  • Permanent residents enjoy every right of an Australian citizen, except they cannot vote in state/territory or federal elections and apply for government jobs.
  • A PR visa holder can sponsor his/her family members, partner, dependent children, and other relatives to Australia for either permanent or temporary.
  • Free access to healthcare, social security payment benefits, and insurance, etc.
  • Children of Permanent Residents born in Australia will be citizens by birth.
  • How to Apply for Australia Permanent Resident Visa?

    In order to start an Australian permanent resident visa process from India, one needs to follow a stepwise process to ensure the chances of success. First, they must choose an appropriate visa category, evaluate eligibility, and then submit an Expression of Interest to SkillSelect.
    Candidates of selected profiles will be given an invite to apply for the visa. For this, it’s crucial to gather all documents and enclose them with application within a period of 60 days.

    Top 10 Jobs for Australia PR Immigrants

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