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Australia has an ongoing gradual economy, excellent education and healthcare facilities this calls for a great objective to immigrate in Australia. The beautiful rock art of Australia reveals dream time age old stories. Australians have a unique colloquial language, which was coined “strine” in 1966. Australians are rich for the culture cravings, visual arts and films. Australians are sports freak; there are more than 120 national and thousands of local sport organizations.

Am i eligible to Australia PR Visa

Being one of the most popular destinations in the world, not just for tourism but mostly for skilled migration the country has a very efficient migration system serving the huge demand for Australia immigration. Its economy is strong and the country encourages and supports skilled migrants. To work in Australia, the assessment is done on a points-based system with points awarded for major factors like age, language proficiency, work experience, qualifications, adaptability, etc. Humanitarian Programs and Australian Family Migration are other ways of migrating to Australia.

One can apply for Australian PR (Permanent Residency) after either living for 2 years in a Specified Regional Area and working (including being self-employed for one year in these same areas) or obtaining sponsorship under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

The high-spirited dynamic cultures of India are maintained through a range of organizations and events followed in Australia; these are few of the main reasons for the increasing percentage of candidates immigrating to Australia from India.

Australian General Skilled Migration Visa Subclasses:

There are five visa subclasses that fall under this program to attain efficiency in the migration system of the country, and are as the following:

Skilled Independent (subclass 189) Visa -

This visa is point-based and is aimed at those skilled workers that have not been sponsored by an employer nor any family member. The visa provides the entitlement for the owner to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia with eligible family members included.

Skilled - Nominated (subclass 190) Visa -

This visa is point-based and is aimed at those skilled workers that have been nominated by a state or territory of Australia. The visa provides the entitlement for the owner to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia with eligible family members included.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489 Visa -

This visa is point-based is aimed at those skilled workers that have been nominated by a state or a territory to live and work in a specific region or have been sponsored by an able relative belonging to a certain area of Australia. The visa duration is of 4 years and the owner must live and work in the designated area, with eligible family members included.

Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) -

The Temporary Residence Transition stream is meant for subclass 457 visa holders who have already worked for two years, in the same occupation with their nominating employer, who now wants to offer them a permanent position in that occupation.

Graduate Temporary (Subclass 485) Visa -

This visa is aimed at the migrating students that have completed a minimum of 2 years worth of study in Australia, allowing them to live and work in the country for anywhere between 18 months and 4 years.

High Demands jobs in Australia 2019

Key Benefits of Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia

The rights and privileges being given to a permanent resident of Australia are as follows:

  • You can live and work in Australia indefinitely.

  • You are allowed to leave and enter Australia frequently within the initial period of five years after that it can be renewed, if you meet the criteria.

  • After spending initial years on permanent residency status, you can apply for citizenship.

  • Permanent residents enjoy many rights and privileges just like an Australian citizens, including access to free or subsidized legal and health services.

  • You can sponsor your relatives to Australia, subject to fulfilling residence criteria and assurance of support requirements.

  • Australian PR status provides you right to apply for Australian consular assistance overseas.

  • It also provides you right to travel, live, work and study in New Zealand, after the approval of New Zealand government.

  • Your children born inside Australia will be considered as Australian citizens by birth.

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  • Visa Follow up with Immigration Office

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