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Canada is a country that is facing many shifts and trend alters due to ongoing NAFTA issue pumped by Trump Government or changes taking places in Express Entry invitation quotas, etc. It is therefore really very important for all the aspirants our there to keep themselves updated about latest happening and policy changes that may come up in 2020, thereby effecting your Immigration decisions.

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IRCC’s new Immigration Levels Plan for 2019-2021 replaces the three-year plan introduced in last year. The new 2019-2021 plan pushes Canada’s immigration targets to the highest level in Canadian history. In the plan, the government commits to increasing the yearly admissions to 350,000 by 2021, an increase in 50,000 from the previous two years!

2018 COMPARED TO 2019:

Canada’s immigration targets will increase annually over the next three years, with 2021 marking the highest number of new immigrants with an impressive target of 350,000. The new plan emphasizes economic migration, with workers making up over half of the total new targets. To fill these economic targets, even more spots have been added each year for newcomers immigrating through Express Entry, as well as Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

The target goals for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) have doubled between 2018 and 2019, and promise to double again in 2020. As well, Canada has increased its target for family sponsorship for both spouses/partners and children, and for parents are grandparents.

In order to avoid this situation and apply for Canada PR in the best manner possible, the wisest thing to do is to get help from respected and professional immigration agencies like WVP International. At the same time, however, it does no hurt to know the general details of the immigration process and more importantly, the rules that affect them. So, here is a quick guide to the latest Canada immigration rules 2020:


According to the latest rules for Canada immigration as set by the IRCC for 2018, any person between the ages of 18 to 65 years can apply for immigration to Canada. Earlier, this criteria used to be 21 to 65 years but in light of growing trends for immigration into Canada, these rules were changed to include more people. The highest points will be received by people between the ages of 25 and 35 years of age as the IRCC considers this the prime age for any immigrant as they will be able to contribute actively for many years to come to the local and national Canadian economy. People who are keen on moving to Canada should apply as soon as they fall within the mentioned age range. Keep in mind, however, that just the right age will not get you an immigration confirmation. That will require you to meet other criteria as well.


Since the IRCC wants more and more people to enter Canada and start contributing to the economy, it has a fairly relaxed education criterion. There have been a set of rule changes made recently to this aspect of Canada immigration. Now, anyone with a high school diploma can enter into Canada as a permanent resident. Of course, they have to have the right kind of work experience as well. For Indians, however, who are mostly employed in the service sector, it is usually best to have a Master’s degree, because it helps the applicant find a good job and also gives them a better chance at getting selected for immigration through the Express Entry program.

Work Experience:

Work experience is an important factor when it comes to getting selected for Canada immigration. Under the new regime, the minimum number of years required for immigration to Canada has been lowered to 1 year. All applicants need to have working experience of at least one year in order to apply and be considered worthy of immigrating to Canada. While the minimum work experience requirement for immigration to Canada is at 1 year, it is highly recommended that applicants get at least 3 year of working experience as this gives them a better chance of getting selected for immigration to Canada through the Express Entry program.

Language Ability:

Language is an important factor when looking to travel or migrate to any country and Canada is no exception. For a person to easily conduct business and work in a new country, it is necessary to know the most widely used language in the country. In the case of Canada, the languages are English and French. But compared to other English-speaking countries, the immigration requirement for moving to Canada as a permanent resident or PR is rather low. You only need to score a CLB 7 in order to get through for immigration. However, we advise all immigration hopefuls to try and get an IELTS score above CLB 9 to maximize their profile potential. While there is a less prospect of the language ability to be lowered in 2018, it is possible that as the year moves forward, the overall criteria are relaxed and new rules are introduced. For example, this year, the IRCC introduced new rule changes which said that if an applicant knows both English and French then they will get extra points for that.

There are several other changes which have been introduced in 2018, but these do not affect people going for Permanent Residency. All you will need to keep in mind is that you need to score above the cut-off CRS score to get through. Everything else is just an addition to this. If you are still wondering if Canada will be a right fit for you, then let us make the decision a little easier.

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