Apply for Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) 2019

Canada’s PNP Programs essentially accommodates prospective immigrant filing a petition through a specific province or territory in Canada and the related province has the legitimate right to nominate individuals via the Canadian Provincial Nomination Program. Québec is an exception to these programs as the province has its own pre-defined cluster of selection criteria.

The continued influence from The Citizenship and Immigration Canada-CIC had made possible for many provinces and territories to settle down into a treaty with respect to skilled immigration agreements involving the particular requirement of recruiters & capital investment necessities for each geographical region. Hence a number of provinces in the nation have acquired their own specific business immigration schemes that are focused to motivate trained manpower to settle in these provinces.

Low IELTS score? Know how to immigrate to Canada in 2019!

Despite what people might tell you, IELTS is not that difficult to clear. In fact, many of our clients, who had almost given up the idea of ever moving to Canada, are now living the dream overseas thanks to our expert training for IELTS examination. So, firstly we would recommend that while it is possible to move to Canada with Low IELTS, having a good English language score will help you find a job and also increase your ability to socialize in a new environment. So, you might as well give it a shot. In case, you are not able to clear the test, we can suggest some ways that you can move to Canada with Low IELTS Scores..

There are two patterns of IELTS examination- first is academic and other is general training. For Immigration purposes, you need to appear for general training module of IELTS.

Now if you got a low IELTS score in the general training module, then there is a way out to deal with it. Canada has various provincial programs by different provinces of the country. There are many provincial programs that accept the low IELTS. These provinces ask for a minimum level of language proficiency from the Canada Immigration applicants much lower than the Express Entry minimum.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Categories

These programs depend upon the labour market conditions prevailing in each of the following provinces::
  • Alberta PNP program
  • British Columbia PNP
  • Manitoba PNP
  • New Brunswick PNP
  • Nova Scotia PNP
  • Prince Edward Island Nomination Program
  • Ontario PNP
  • Saskatchewan PNP

How to Apply PNP – Skilled Workers

Once the above criterions are met, you are required to present a submission to the CIC for PR, as soon as a province or territory acknowledges your profile.

Follow these major steps to submit your submission for provincial nomination under the Express entry pool.

  • File your application into the express entry pool.
  • File your application with the qualifying province.
  • Wait for confirmation for intent to nominate from the province.
  • File the application/provide required documents to the provincial agency.
  • Received provincial nomination
  • Update the information related to nomination the pool application.
  • Wait for invite.
  • File on-line permanent residence application with CIC, along with all documents and required fee.
  • Wait for file transfer to nearest visa post and complete rest of the formalities including medical and visa issuance.

  • Benefits of Applying to a PNP for Canada Immigration

    There are number of benefits you will be privileged by the provincial government after getting a Permanent Resident Status through any program. On the basis of your PNP program, you may get more benefits:

    • You can select your desired province to settle down
    • You can apply for most PNP programs without a job offer
    • You will get additional points depend on your area of training
    • Get nominated directly by the province instead of pool of candidates
    • Avail provincial benefits after landing in the province

    Benefits After Getting PR Through PNPs

    • Live in Canada for indefinite time
    • Study and work anywhere in the province
    • Enrol in Canadian healthcare system to avail benefits
    • Get protection under Canadian law
    • Avail social and family security services
    • Sponsor your partner/spouse, child, parents and other relatives
    • Apply for Canadian citizenship

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