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Denmark Green Card is an excellent opportunity for a professional looking for a career & life in the EU as Danish companies are facing shortages in getting qualified employees. This Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card program is the best way of allowing qualified individuals to come in and work in Denmark under the Danish Green Card (Denmark Green Card) as a pathway to Denmark Immigration. If you score 100 points you get a green card which allows you to work and settle in Denmark under the Danish Green Card (Denmark Green Card). Under the scheme, non-European Union skilled migrants are allowed to come to Denmark under a renewable 2 years permit for the purpose of finding work. You can be granted a first-time residence permit under the Greencard scheme for up to two years. Before the end of this period, you can apply for an extension of up to three years. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you file your application & receive your visa in 6 to 12 months! It allows you to enter Denmark & live there on a PR Visa. As soon as you find a job, you are granted a permit to work.

WVP offers professional Denmark Immigration Services

Choosing a reliable and dependable immigration consultancy service is a vital task when you are planning to apply for immigration and in the case of European countries, it is pivotal. They can make-or-break you application. European countries' laws and policies are very stringent. Hence, a proper understanding of those laws is very important. There is an instance where potential immigrants didn't get their visas just because they supported communalism. This is a strange experience for people living in sub-continent as they are free to support anything and everything. The point is you need to know what is right and what is wrong according to the country where you are planning to migrate. Only consultants who are specialized in these matters can help you in migrating without any uphill. That is where, we, WVP services come to your rescue. We have highly qualified and experienced immigration consultants who helped skilled professionals to migrate to their desired country. We are in this field for almost 10 years now, and our services are the best!

How to apply for the Green Card visa?

Well, you need to go through the multifaceted process to apply for and receive the Danish Green Card Visa. Once you are thorough with all the procedural guidelines and requisite parameters, you can apply online generating a Case Order ID. However, it is advised that you coordinate with the Danish immigration expert at WVP International to get your file best prepare for the scheme.

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