CEC is a part of Canada's Express Entry immigration system. Canadian Experience Class allows people who have worked in Canada for at least 1 year to immigrate permanently.

Canada Express Entry Process Step by Step from India 2020

Immigrate to Canada – Express Entry On 1st January 2015, Canada launched its new Express Entry visa system, aimed at improving the visa selection process for permanent residency and speeding up decision times to six months or less. We assist those people who are really looking for an overseas career as well as permanent settlement to realize their dreams of migrating to a country that offers one of the best living standards in the world.

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There is still a backlog of Canadian immigration cases, which is one of the reasons why the Canadian government have launched this new system. It is designed to prevent a future backlog of applications, and improve the selection process. It is hoped that with increased access to highly skilled overseas workers, the Canadian economy will benefit from this new system.

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The main pathways for a skilled worker immigration are:

Express Entry Canada is a new electronic systems aimed at making immigration much simpler and easier for aspiring applicants. Express entry is a system introduced by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for processing immigration applications under the following economic immigration programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • Canadian Experience Class Canadian Experience Class

  • Some of the Provincial Nominee Programs

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Express Entry Step by Step Process 2020

The following is a stepwise guide to immigration to Canada through the Express Entry program:

Step1 –Education Credential Assessment

Once you apply for Express Entry program, the very first step you need to go through is Educational Credential Assessment through WES (World education services). Applicant has to send the documents to Canada for the Verification.

Step2 –Preparation for IELTS

Applicant has to prepare for IELTs as this is very important to file for the Canada immigration visa. Minimum score require in IELTs for Canada Express Entry program is 6 bands each. But it is always advised to the client to get more score for the successful application. But, there are also flexibilities attached top this score as when you are planning to immigrate to Canada with PNP PR status then the IELTS requirement can vary such as, Saskatchewan asks for an IELTS score of 4.5 only.

Step3 –Create profile and submit EOI

Once the IELTs and ECA result is obtained. Applicant has to submit EOI in the Express Entry pool by creating a profile. i.e. Age, Education, Experience and the Language.

Step4 –Calculate CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System)

Based on the information you put in your profile, you will be given a score and ranked against others in the pool. So this is very important to calculate the CRS score while submitting the profile in the Express Entry pool. Calculation for CRS will be done on the below basis:

Age – Although there is no age limit for migrating to Canada but if a person is between 18 to 35 years of age, then more points are allocated.

Language proficiency– it is cross checked through IELTS and CLB examination. Scoring high band in IELTS can guarantee good points to the candidate.

Education– Calculated under the ECA, the educational degree should be at par with the Canadian education board.

Work Experience– The candidate should be skilled and having good work experience makes one eligible for good score points.

Adaptability– having a sibling already settled in Canada can help one garner good points.

Arranges employment– if the applicant has arranged employment in Canada while applying for Express Entry program, will get extra points.

Step 5 –ITA (Invitation to apply)

Applicant has to wait for the draw, until his profile is picked from the Express Entry pool. Once the ITA or PNP is obtained, an applicant can apply for PR visa within 60 days and 30 days for PNP.

Step 6 –Filing for Canada PR visa

On the receipt of ITA (Invitation to apply), an applicant has to file for Canada immigration along with required documents is as below:

  • Identity Proof

  • Educational Qualification Documents

  • Work Experience

  • Valid Passport

  • Your recent photographs

  • Job offer letter from Canadian Employer (if any) & other required documents.

Step 7 –Canada PR approval

CIC (Canada immigration & Citizenship) will review all the documents submitted by the applicant. The entire document has to be true and genuine along with the applicant form for Canada PR application, all the right documents arrangement will help you get your documents validate quickly.

Step 8 –Medical Certificate and Police Clearance

Medical Certificate and police clearance certificates are certifications and clearances that you will need to submit once you have successfully entered Canada. For perfect and shortest clearance times, get all your relevant affairs in order in your native country before leaving for Canada.

Express Entry: Canadian Experience Class Process
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What are the documents required to apply for Canada PR?

1. 1 photographs for you, your spouse and child (If applicable)

2. All Passport bio pages of you, your spouse and child (If applicable)

3. Birth certificate of you, your spouse and child (If applicable) (mandatory document)

4. Marriage certificate

5. All educational and experience certificates of you and your spouse

6. Original IELTS Certificate of your spouse (You will have to score in Listening=8.5, Reading=8, Writing=7.5, Speaking=7.5 to get more points)

7. Experience certificate from all employers till date (offer letter, Appointment letter, salary revision letter, relieving letter, service certificate) of you and your spouse (if applicable)

8. Original Reference letters from all employers for you & your spouse. (mandatory) The reference letter is a compulsory document. It should be on company letterhead. If you can’t get a reference letter then we have to submit statutory declaration by self + statutory declaration by Supervisor / Manager for each role.

9. Credit card for CAD 2230 [CAD 1250 (Visa Fees) +980(Right of landing fees) = Total 2230

What is Benefits of Canada PR:

The Canada PR offers you the following benefits:

  • You can stay and work anywhere in Canada for an indefinite time.

  • You will become eligible for Canadian citizenship after three years staying in Canada as a Canada PR.

  • With Canada PR, your children can have free public education. As most of the universities and educational institutions are funded by provinces, each province carries out its own education system.

  • You can have free access to healthcare services called Medicare, which is publicly funded health care system. Your family and you can avail both primary health care and supplemental coverage. Being a Canada PR you get a health insurance card, where you do not have to pay directly for the health-care services.

  • Certain family relatives can come to Canada on family sponsorship.

  • You can enjoy the employee benefits being a Canada PR. Some of the benefits are group life insurance, vehicle allowances, pension benefits, health and dental insurance and training expenses.

  • On becoming a Canadian citizen, you can travel to over 150 countries with a Canadian passport.

  • You can enjoy the same rights of those enjoyed by the citizens.

  • Where you are a foreign trained worker, you stand eligible for a Foreign Credential Recognition Program, which helps you find a job in your field quickly.

Canada PR Processing time:

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) aims to process applications within 6 to 8 months from the date of submission.

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