Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is Canada's primary economic immigration pathway and gives skilled workers, and their loved ones, the opportunity to become permanent residents in Canada.

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Canada Citizenship and Immigration Canada has officially announced that it will start accepting applications under the Express Entry Program for Skilled professionals interested in migrating to Canada, starting from January 1st, 2015. Candidates whose applications are picked up from Express Entry Pool must also meet the requirements of selection criteria under the federal skilled worker program in which he filing the application. One can file under one of the three programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class

  • Federal Skilled Trades class

  • Canadian Experience class

Remember this selection criteria is applicable after the candidates application has been successfully picked up from the express entry pool. It is also true that unless the Candidate does not meet FSW selection criteria, an invite to apply will NOT be issued to the Candidate. Please do not confuse the selection criteria and pass-mark under the FSW with point system under Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) - Express Entry points Criteria. Purpose of CRS and points mentioned therein is limited to ranking the candidate against other prospective migrants and choosing the best possible suited to

Here is the applicable point system and related selection Criteria which candidates chosen from the Express Entry Pool MUST meet:

To be eligible for Permanent Residence under the Federal Skilled Worker Visa, you must:

  • Have at least 1 year of continuous full-time or equivalent paid work experience in the past 10 years in a skilled occupation National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill lever 0, A or B); or

  • Qualify for Arranged Employment in Canada with a LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) and a full-time, permanent job offer from a Canadian employer; or

  • Have completed PhD or two years of study in Canada towards a PhD

  • Language ability in English or French

Moreover, as a professional Federal Skilled Worker applicant you also need to obtain at least 67 points out of a total of 100 points in the FSW point test comprising the selection factors stated by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) immigration. The program's selection factors grid assesses candidates based on factors that include age, education, work experience, arranged employment, language ability and adaptability.

The Canadian Immigration Department assess the applications for FSW program based on the following selection factors:

Selection Factors

The Federal Skilled Worker selection factors are listed below. Click on each factor to learn more:
Factors Points
Education Up to 25 points
Language Skills Up to 28 points
Work Experience Up to 15 points
Age Up to 12 points
Arranged Employment Up to 10 points
Adaptability Up to 10 points

Settlement Funds

If invited to apply, Federal Skilled Workers will need to prove they can become economically established in Canada with their dependent family members. The settlement funds requirement is waived for foreign nationals who are currently authorized to work in Canada and/ or those who have arranged employment in Canada.

Medical Examinations and Admissibility

IRCC encourages Federal Skilled Worker candidates and their dependents to complete their medical examinations as soon as an ITA is issued. Medical exam results must be valid at the time of applying for permanent residence and when arriving in Canada. Applicants must also obtain security clearances as part of the Canadian immigration application process to prove that they are admissible to Canada.

Processing Times

IRCC aims to process complete Federal Skilled Worker applications in six (6) months or less. Please consult the Canada Immigration Processing Times Tool to find out the processing times for immigration applications.

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