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Make your new home in a country considered among the most perfect in the whole world. Make your Canada permanent resident visa dream a success.

Despite what people might tell you, IELTS is not that difficult to clear. In fact, many of our clients, who had almost given up the idea of ever moving to Canada, are now living the dream overseas thanks to our expert training for IELTS examination. So, firstly we would recommend that while it is possible to move to Canada with Low IELTS, having a good English language score will help you find a job and also increase your ability to socialize in a new environment. So, you might as well give it a shot. In case, you are not able to clear the test, we can suggest some ways that you can move to Canada with Low IELTS Scores

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What is so special about Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan is a south-central province of Canada and one of the better known states of the country. One of the many reasons for its popularity is that it has a very low IELTS clearance benchmark at 4.5 CLB. As you might now, the average ILETS score required to be eligible for immigration to Canada from India is at least a CLB 7. This gives immigrants, who do not have a good knowledge and understanding of English, the chance to move to Canada with a minimal score.

Getting a CLB 4.5 score is easier than you might think and even people with basic understanding of English can get that score. So, if you want to move to Canada without having to upgrade your language ability to CLB 7 and beyond, then simply apply for immigration to Canada from India through SINP and watch as your dream of living in Canada becomes a reality right in front of your eyes.

Manitoba Requires a Family Connection and a Very Less IELTS Score?

Manitoba is another province that is great to live and work on a permanent basis. It has many migrant communities, friendly and welcoming towards the migrants coming to reside in the province and brilliant job opportunities.

The unique thing about Manitoba is that you require less language score for Canada PR. The prime requirement is a known connection in the province to apply for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

An applicant only requires IELTS 4.5 Bands in each module to be considered for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Yeah! You heard it right! Only 4.5 bands provided you have a known connection in Manitoba and they are ready to sponsor you so that you can move to Manitoba.

Well, Manitoba may not be in league for many migrants because it requires someone to be in Manitoba but it surely is a great way for those who have family in Manitoba! You have the highest possible chances of migrating to Manitoba if your relative is residing there!

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