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When it comes to choosing the best guide, mentor, or consultant for Immigration, especially, in a capital city like Delhi; only a few names are there, which deserve to be on top of the list. WVP International is certainly one among these names. It is a leading Canada immigration consultants in delhi as well as in the rest of the India today. With its dedicated client service, team of certified migration experts, and years of experience in immigration industry, WVP is helping a huge number of applicants to immigrate to Canada and others countries globally.

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What is Canada Express Entry?

The Canada Express Entry (EEP) can be understood as the swift and unique point-based immigration program through which the skilled workers can attain the Permanent Residency to the Maple leaf country. This system speaks of the distinct approach undertaken by the Canadian government in choosing skilled professionals for entry in to the country as a permanent resident. The system grants the applications from eligible candidates to immigrate to Canada based on their Canada Express Entry Points consisting of skills, experience, and other factors.

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Benefits of Canada Express Entry Program?

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) appoints rankings to prospective immigrants and provides both employers and employees with a clear view of immigration through all stages

* Applicants can be screened in as little as 6 months.
* Free health care assistance for the landed immigrant and their dependent family members.
* Free education for children, medical benefits, unemployment benefits & other government support.
* Being a federal immigration system, once selected candidates are invited directly for PR.
* Those immigrating through the Express Entry Program are eligible to settle anywhere in Canada.
* It provides candidates with the freedom to settle anywhere in Canada.

Canada PR Visa Process Under Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

It is a mode of acquiring Permanent Residency (PR) Status of a particular province for which the eligibility is met by the candidate. The eligibility criteria for every province is different based on the Age, Language Proficiency, education, work experience and adaptability of the candidate. It is important to note here that PR status is allotted for the province for which the eligibility criteria are met and every province has its own set of requirements and eligibility criteria for the applicant, like for Ontario there is grid of qualified points for their eligibility while Saskatchewan has a score grid of 60 points out of 100 for qualification.

Canada PR Visa New Rules 2020

IRCC’s new Immigration Levels Plan for 2019-2021 replaces the three-year plan introduced in last year. The new 2019-2021 plan pushes Canada’s immigration targets to the highest level in Canadian history. In the plan, the government commits to increasing the yearly admissions to 350,000 by 2021, an increase in 50,000 from the previous two years!

There are several other changes which have been introduced in 2018, but these do not affect people going for Permanent Residency. All you will need to keep in mind is that you need to score above the cut-off CRS score to get through. Everything else is just an addition to this. If you are still wondering if Canada will be a right fit for you, then let us make the decision a little easier.

Am I Eligible for Express Entry 2020?

Six Factors of Canada Express Entry Program:

1. Age:- Under the Express Entry program the highest points are awarded to the applicants between the age group of 18 to 35 years. Applicants above the age group of 35 years are given lesser points and maximum age limit to qualify under express entry program is 45 years and the applicants above 45 years of age still have the options for Province nomination programs.

2. Education Eligibility:- In order to be considered for Express Entry, you need to have a Canadian or Canadian higher secondary education equivalent certification i.e. a diploma or bachelor’s or master’s degree in any field.

3. Skilled Work Experience:- You should hold a minimum of 1 year of consistent work at a full-time capacity for a salary in the past 10 years in the skills O, A or B category in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system list.

4. Language Ability Test:- You must score at least 6 bands in every English Literacy Test module in order to be eligible for immigration to Canada. Also, your IELTS score needs to be less than 2 years old at the time of application. Extra points are given to those who knows French language, so having extra knowledge of the French language is an added advantage .

5. Adaptability:- If you have a spouse or common-law partner who will also immigrate to Canada with you. you will be given extra 10 points for the adaptability too.

6. Arranged Employment: If you are migrating to Canada with a job offer by a Canadian employer you get extra 10 points in your profile but be sure that your occupation is listed in the NOC skill code type A, O or B.

We offer solutions like:

Professional advice based on latest immigration law.

  • All case details you share with us are kept strictly confidential.
  • Advice on skills assessment, visa applications & migration matters.
  • Assistance with visas applications.
  • Guidance on procedural visa matters.
  • Providing you with progress updates.
  • Present your case in the best possible way.
  • Excellent value for money.

How to get the crucial support and assistance for Immigration to Canada?

best canadian immigration consultant in delhi, india

If you also want to Settle in Canada, just fill the Pre Assessment form on website and get your credential verified for the trouble-free Immigration Procedure. If the result of the assessment is positive, we will accept your case for further processing, else, we will provide you a complimentary report for another country.

The experts at WVP International Immigration are available on contact no. 011- 49872714 & 011- 49406708 (Delhi). You can also send your queries or feedback to our Email Id-

    Fill Out Your Profile: The process commences with the candidate filing up the online express entry form by uploading key documents of education, experience and other personal documents.

    Express Entry Pool: Once the application is filed in the pool, the candidate is issued with an Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code than Using the Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code, the candidate can build his resume in the Canada Job Bank.

    Invitation to Apply: After attaining the Canada Express Entry Points in line with Immigration Draw, the candidates are shortlisted to receive an Invite to Apply from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

    Apply for Permanent Residency Online: The final step is to provide required documents to the application for the purpose of Canadian permanent residence status. Duration of 60 days is granted to these shortlisted candidates, failing to respond to which the Invite to Apply (ITA) stands to be cancelled.

Additionally, once the profile creation is done, candidates may start searching for jobs after creating a job bank account. After they land in Canada, they may continue with their job search process using Job Bank.

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(a) Ielts: Proving language proficiency is one of the key steps in your Canadian immigration process. Demonstrating reports of IELTS scores or other authorized language tests are crucial for all economic migration streams for Canada. Therefore, if you have scores less this time, you may think of taking it again through some professional help. This will definitely give an instant boost to your CRS scores.

(b.) Proof of Funds: The IRCC requires all immigrants to have proof of funds which is a guarantee that you will be able to support you and your family after moving to Canada. However, if you have a valid job offer from an employer in Canada or can find legal work you may not need to submit the said legal proofs.

(c.) Minimum Points for Selection: Once you qualify all the basic requirements for immigration, you will be allotted a CRS points score and ranked against other PR applicants. Hereafter, when the IRCC issues Express Entry draws, if your score is above the minimum cut-off you will be invited to apply for PR status in Canada. The latest Express Entry draws set the bar at 450/1200 points.

Settle Abroad to Canada in 6-8 Months!!

The average time taken by the IRCC to evaluate immigration applications is 6 months or less. It’s hard to wait to achieve your dream of immigration, but there is time duration to complete the overall process. Generally, your application will be valid for 12 months in the pool of candidates. Your profile will be compared as many as times a draw conducted, but if you score maximum, only then your profile will be selected and an ITA will be issued.

Generally, the processing time for any given application depends on the following factors:

  • the type of application submitted.

  • how quickly IRCC expects to process applications already in the system;

  • how easily applicants’ information can be verified;

  • how long applicants take to respond to any requests or concerns; and other factors.

Settle Abroad to Canada in 6-8 Months!!

What our Client Says?

The customized immigration solutions and dedicated client service of WVP has been consistently appreciated by our huge client base. It is evident from vast number of positive client reviews that WVP have been receiving over the years.

Where Are We Based In Delhi?

We are situated at the Hemkunt Chambers 89, Nehru Place and it is a known place in the capital city of India.The place is well-connected through public transport buses and metro, thus allowing more people to reach out to us with ease. You can Contact-us or walk-in to our office for guidance and processing for overseas careers.

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