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In a country growing as quickly as New Zealand, there is an ongoing need for highly skilled and educated workers. As a way of encouraging skilled migrants to make New Zealand their new long-term home and place of employment, New Zealand has streamlined the application and acceptance procedures for individuals and families that meet the criteria of the Skilled Migrant Category.

High Demands jobs in New Zealand 2020

To be eligible under the Skilled Migrant Category, you must be between 20 and 55 years of age, meet all health and character requirements, and be proficient in the English language.

The process takes four steps, outlined here:

1. Submit an Expression of Interest

The first step in applying for a Skilled Migrant visa is submitting what is called an Expression of Interest (EOI). This form determines your suitability in two main areas – general background information and the Skilled Migrant point system – and you will claim points for skills, work experience and other factors.

It is recommended that candidates submit their applications online – it’s cheaper, credit card payments can be made securely, and you will be notified as soon as your EOI has been entered into the pool.

The Expression of Interest for New Zealand contains information related to:

  • Age

  • Work Experience

  • Language Ability

  • Health

  • Character

  • Other factors that constitute the overall points for NZ immigration assessment

Who is Eligible to Apply for New Zealand PR Process?

To become eligible for NZ PR process, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be under 55 years of age at the time of lodgment

  • You must have sufficient years of work experience along with occupation listed on relevant New Zealand Occupational Demand Lists.

  • You must have your education and work experience in accordance with each other

  • You must have overall IELTS 6.5 bands to become eligible for New Zealand PR

  • You must be in good health

2. The EOI pool draw

When you send in your EOI it will only be entered into the selection pool if you have a job offer or your points total 100 or more. Applicants with 140 or more points are selected automatically to apply. If there are places remaining, Immigration New Zealand will select as many additional applicants with points of 100 or more as possible during the fortnightly selection.

Your partner and children may be included on your EOI form. All information on your Expression of Interest will be verified at this stage; any deliberate omission or misinformation will result in a denial, so be sure the information you provide is accurate.

The more training and qualifications you can prove, the more points you will be awarded, including on-the-job experience. If you are a qualified worker in one of New Zealand's areas of skill shortage, and if you have a job offer or are already working in New Zealand, more points will be added to your score.

If you are considered a suitable candidate for a visa based on the EOI criteria, you will be sent an invitation to apply, at which stage you will be required to provide evidence of the claims made in your EOI.

3. Your invitation to apply

If you are selected from the EOI pool, you will be sent an official invitation to apply (ITA). At this stage you will have to show proof of all claims made in your EOI, including medical and police checks, proof of English language proficiency, and documentation regarding your skills, education and experience.

The application package you receive will include the information you provided it your EOI. It is your responsibility at this stage to verify the accuracy of the information and provide supporting documentation.

4. Assessment and Approval

Once your application has been received, you will be assessed for New Zealand residence. In addition to verifying that you meet all requirements, you will also be assessed on your anticipated ability to settle successfully in New Zealand. At this stage, some candidates may be required to undergo an interview.

Apply for New Zealand PR Visa 2020

Long Term Skills Shortage List (LTSSL)

The Long Term Skills Shortage List (LTSSL) mentions those occupations that have sustained shortage of highly skilled workers through New Zealand.

S.N. Occupational Group Occupations are listed by ANZSCO Code
1 Construction Construction Project Manager-133111
2 Construction Project Builder  (including Building Project Manager and Site Foreman)- 133112
3 Construction Quantity Surveyor- 233213
4 Construction Surveyor - 232212
5 Engineering Chemical Engineer (233111), Materials Engineer (233112), Civil Engineer (233211), Geo technical Engineer (233212), Structural Engineer (233214), Electrical Engineer (233311), Electronics Engineer (233411), Industrial Engineer (233511), Mechanical Engineer (233512), Production or Plant Engineer (233513), Environmental Engineer (233915), Engineering Professionals nec (233999)
6 Engineering Civil Engineering Technician 312212
7 Engineering Electrical Engineering Technician- 312312
8 Engineering Electronic Engineering Technician (312412)
9 Engineering Telecommunications Engineer (263311), Telecommunications Network Engineer (263312)
10 Finance / Business Procurement Manager (133612)
11 Health and Social Services Clinical Psychologist- 272311
12 Health and Social Services Diagnostic and Intervention Radiologist (253917)
13 Health and Social Services General Practitioner (253111)
14 Health and Social Services Medical Radiation Therapist (251212)
15 Health and Social Services Medical Laboratory Scientist – including Cytotechnologist (Cytoscientist) (234611)
16 Health and Social Services Obstetrician and Gynecologist (253913)
17 Health and Social Services Physicist (Medical) (234914)
18 Health and Social Services Physiotherapist (252511)
19 Health and Social Services Psychiatrist (253411)
20 Health and Social Services Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (254412)
21 Health and Social Services Sonographer- 251214
22 Health and Social Services Specialist Physician in Palliative Medicine-253399
23 Health and Social Services Surgeon (General)- 253511
24 Health and Social Services Veterinarian-234711
25 ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications Multimedia Specialist (Film Animator) -261211
26 ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications ICT Project Manager (135112), Organisation and Methods Analyst (224712), ICT Business Analyst (261111), Systems Analyst (261112), Multimedia Specialist (261211), Web Developer (261212), Analyst Programmer (261311), Developer Programmer (261312), Software Engineer (261313), Software Tester (261314), Software and Applications Programmers nec (261399), Database Administrator (262111), ICT Security Specialist (262112), Systems Administrator (262113), Computer Network and Systems Engineer (263111), Network Administrator (263112), ICT Quality Assurance Engineer (263211), ICT Support Engineer (263212), ICT Systems Test Engineer (263213), ICT Support and Test Engineers nec (263299), Telecommunications Engineer (263311), Telecommunications Network Engineer (263312), ICT Customer Support Officer (313112)
27 Recreation, Hospitality and Tourism Chef (Chef de Partie or higher) -351311
28 Science Other Spatial Scientist (232214)
29 Science Environmental Research Scientist -234313
30 Science Food Technologist- 234212
31 Trades Automotive Electrician (321111)
32 Trades Diesel Motor Mechanic (including Heavy Vehicle Inspector)- 321212
33 Trades Trades Electrician (General)- 341111
34 Trades Electric Line Mechanic -342211

If you meet the criteria, and you are believed to have the characteristics to settle in and contribute to New Zealand, you will be offered a residence visa or permit. Some candidates will receive a work to residence permit, instead, which will give them nine months to obtain employment, at which time their ability to contribute will have been verified and residence will be approved.

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