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Anti-Fraud Policy

Things to Know About WVP International Anti-Fraud Policy Quick Enquiry Check Your Eligibility

Anti-Fraud Policy - WVP International

Things to Know About WVP International Anti-Fraud Policy:

Anti-Fraud Policy

WVP International has been offering immigration and visa services across India for more than a decade now. During this period, the company has experienced both good and bad and to address the bad, the fraud, it has created an anti-fraud policy, which you as a customer must be aware of.

WVP International Anti-Fraud Policy is a protection cover for all the clients to be safe from immigration fraud. The policy was created in the interest of the people willing to migrate overseas.

Payments to WVP International staff:

  • Ask for a receipt when you make a payment. WVP International gives a receipt for every payment it receives, no matter how big or small the amount is. A soft copy of the receipt is also sent to the client’s email. If you have any questions regarding payments to WVP, please send email to
  • Do not pay enter into an oral or verbal agreement with any WVP employee or person claiming to be a WVP employee. The company won’t be liable for any such activity between an employee or a third person and the client.
  • If you are cautioned against making any additional payments to any WVP employee. If any WVP staff members offer to fabricate your profile or get you any kind of document for an additional fee, we strongly advise that you inform the management for us to take suitable action against the employee.

Please Note: The company is not liable if you enter into any verbal or written agreement with a WVP employee or his/her reference. If you have paid for any additional service to any WVP employee, we are not responsible for the consequences.

Fraudulent Documentation:

  • WVP International does not deal with cases where fraudulent documentation or information has been submitted. Your case will be accepted by WVP based on the information you have provided, which we assume is to be true. WVP is not liable if you have provided incorrect / misleading / fraudulent documentation or information.
  • WVP employees are strictly warned against illegal practices such as this and are required to adhere to WVP international company policy. In the event of any employee going against company policy.
  • Do not be misled by dishonest WVP staff into believing that it is acceptable practice to submit forged documents with your visa application. The application will be refused and you may face further investigation from Indian authorities.
  • Do not believe WVP staffs who say that they can, in exchange for money or other favours, influence the processing speed of applications or the final decision. They can not Visa decisions are made only by visa officers authorized by the respective country.
  • Do not be fooled by imposters pretending to be visa officers from Embassies. Legitimate visa officers do not meet applicants outside their official place of work nor do they contact you to request for money.
  • Do not be fooled by fake websites designed to look like official government websites or like service delivery partner websites. Always get your visa information from official government websites.
  • Do not be duped by a job or visa scam. Many people are being cheated with overseas job offers that do not exist. Please deliberate your decision before you hand over your money, passport and personal details.
  • Besides that, the company does not offer any job or visa guarantee. It is at the sole discretion of the employers and the respective visa consulate/embassy. So keep yourself safe and contact WVP for genuine immigration service and report to us if you see any fraudulent activity.

Contact Information- If you have any questions or comments, please Communicate with us. You can contact our Service Integrity Officer at 011- 49872714

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