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Canada PNP Program

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

Minimum 60 Points Out of 100 to be eligible for Immigration to Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan PNP latest News 2024 Check Your Eligibility

Apply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program | SINP Ielts requirement

What is the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program?

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Canada

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is a permanent immigration program designed by the province of Saskatchewan that works under the agreement of federal government.

The PNP is strategically designed to attract immigrants in areas which will benefit the province: skilled workers, workers in sectors with labour shortages, workers with job offers, and entrepreneurs.

What are different Saskatchewan PNP immigration categories?

SINP offers you different categories to choose from based on your profile and skill type. Here are the key SINP categories you can apply for:

  • Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Program
  • Saskatchewan Experience Program
  • Saskatchewan Business Immigration Program

These immigration pathways are further divided into many sub-streams to suit a diverse range of immigrant applicants

Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Category:-

This category accepts applications from skilled workers who plan to live and work in the Province of Saskatchewan. Applicants are measured based on a points system and can be nominated under one of three sub-categories:

  • Sub-Category Saskatchewan Employment Offer
  • Sub-Category Saskatchewan Occupation-In-Demand
  • Sub-Category Saskatchewan Express Entry
Saskatchewan Employment Offer

Saskatchewan Employment Offer is a stream of Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker targeting foreign workers who have valid job offers from Saskatchewan employers. In order to qualify, the applicant must meet certain requirements regarding work experience and must score at least 60 points on the SINP Points Assessment Grid.

Saskatchewan Occupation-In-Demand

Saskatchewan Occupation In-Demand is a stream of Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker targeting foreign workers who have work experience in specific occupations. In order to qualify, the applicant must have at least one year of experience in an occupation at NOC level “A”, “B” or “0”. The Occupation will not be eligible if it is listed on the SINP Excluded Occupation List. As well the applicant must be able to claim at least 60 points on the SINP Points Assessment Grid.

Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand: Eligibility

This stream is the International Skilled Worker – Occupations in-demand. To be eligible under this category, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have score minimum of 60 points out of 110 in SINP point’s assessment grid
  • Demonstrate a language score of at least Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4
  • Have completed post-secondary education, training or apprenticeship that’s comparable to that in Canada
  • Have work experience that is highly skilled and not on the SINP’s Excluded Occupation List
  • Your work experience must be related to your occupation and education
  • You may need to provide proof of Professional Status or of eligibility for Licensure
  • Have proof of settlement funds and a settlement plan

If you can meet the above requirements, you will be successfully nominated by the province of Saskatchewan for permanent residence.

What are the occupations that are in demand in Saskatchewan?

You must have at least 1 year of full-time work experience in NOC Level 0, B, or A level occupation to be eligible for SINP Express Entry. The occupation will not be qualified if it is included in the Excluded SINP Occupation in Demand List.

Saskatchewan Express Entry

Saskatchewan Express Entry is a stream of Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker targeting foreign workers with active profiles in Canada’s Express Entry system.

Saskatchewan Express Entry: Eligibility
  • Have a profile in the Express Entry Pool, with profile number and job seeker validation code;
  • Score a minimum of 60 points on the SINP points assessment grid;
  • Provide valid language test results from a designated testing agency matching those in the Express Entry profile;
  • Have completed one year of post-secondary education, training or apprenticeship comparable to the Canadian education system. You must have earned a diploma, certificate or degree.
  • Degrees and diplomas obtained outside Canada subject to an Educational Credential Assessment;
  • Have at least one of the following experience requirements in your field of education or training occupation:
  • One year of work experience in the past 10 years in a skilled profession (non-trades);
  • Two years of work experience in a skilled trade in the past five years; or
  • One year of work experience in Canada in the past three years (trades and non-trades).
  • Have work experience in a high-skilled occupation in NOC A, B, 0 not included on the excluded occupation list.
  • Obtain the appropriate licensure in Saskatchewan where your profession is regulated or is a skilled trade. For skilled trades, a certificate is required from the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission.
  • Have proof of settlement funds and a settlement plan.
Saskatchewan Experience Category -

This category is for foreign workers that are currently living in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Experience Category accepts applications under the following sub-categories:

  • Existing Work Permit
  • Health Professionals
  • Hospitality Sector Project
  • Long Haul Truck Driver Project
  • Students
Entrepreneur and Farm Category -

This category is for those immigrants who are planning to run a business or farm in Saskatchewan. These categories have different immigration processes as well as the requirements. If you are able to meet the requirements of any of the above categories, you can submit your application for a provincial nomination to the SINP.

What are the benefits of SINP?

Here are the key benefits of applying to SINP:

  • No Job offer required from an employer in Canada in order to apply in SINP.
  • Minimum English language proficiency required, i.e. CLB 4 in all four aspects of the language (IELTS – Reading 3.5, Writing 4.0, Speaking 4.0, Listening 4.5), if you choose to apply in OID stream of SINP.
  • Competitive processing time compared to other provincial nominee programs.
  • Well-structured online process to apply in SINP.
  • Selection based on the province economic and labour force needs for applicant.
  • Application processing time is faster than Federal Skilled Worker Visa.
  • Provincial immigration officers providing assistance all through the process.
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