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WVP International Refund Policy

Refund will be done within 60 working days after the Client presents the Refund Claim Form to WVP Quick Enquiry Check Your Eligibility

Refund Policy

Things to Know About WVP International Refund Policies

Refund Policy

The client discerns and accepts that the total invoice amount (bill value) will incorporate the WVP Services Pvt. Ltd. consultation fee and the applicable GST (18%). However, the refund would be computed only on the WVP International consultation fee.

In case of this allowance by the Visa and Immigration authorities, WVP International will rebate the applicable amount as per stated in the agreement. The rebate will be done within 60 working days after the client presents the Refund Claim Form to WVP International. The client has to enclose a duplicate of the rejection letter from the authority backing the Refund claim. If client is unable to either enclose a copy of the rejection letter or rejection stamp on the client's passport, WVP International will not rebate applicable refund amount. Client also has to attach the refund request form which is a copy of his / her receipt for payment made to WVP International unable to attach these documents will make the client unqualified for the rebate.

WVP International is not liable for rebate of any fees or other amounts / charges that have been paid to any Assessing Bodies, Immigration Authorities, Embassy / Consulate / High Commission in the event of the applicant facing rejection for visa / immigration, or in any case of rejection or non acceptance of his / her application at any stage by any authority. The fee for registration and processing is only inclusive of charges towards the services accomplished by WVP International and is not inclusive of any application or assessing fees. The applicant accepts to pay the entire additional fees required, as applicable, during the processing.

If the client has submitted the money through Credit Card or Net Banking, the applicant willingly undertakes that he will not dispute the payment or notify the designated bank for charge back, insist the bank to withhold or cancel the payment made to WVP International by the applicant. The Applicant further commits to apprise his banker that the payment made to the Company is genuine, and the transaction is an exception for his request to cancel or charge back the payment in his favour, inclusive of misuse and card loss cases either by him or through any one. The applicant adheres to cooperate with WVP International in this aspect in case WVP International wishes to defend / represent the matter in their favour before any bank / authority.

In case of the visa being denied on the following grounds, no rebate will be done.

  • If the client is unable to attend the visa interview

  • If the applicant does not accede to the prerequisites of the Embassy or the Consulate.

  • Medical inability of the client or his or her family members included in the application.

  • Failure to give a genuine Police clearance certificate, which is not less than 3 months old.

  • Submission of deceptive documents.

  • Prior infringement of any immigration or visa law by the client or any of his or her family members included in the application.

  • Late submission of any additional documents appealed by the consulate at a later stage.

  • Failure to get the required score in IELTS / French to meet the eligibility criteria and as advised by the company consultant.

The client should also understand and accept that no refund or transfer of WVP International fee to a friend or a relative will be done in the event he or she abandons his/her application or decides to opt out due to any reason during the proceedings after he/she signs-up.

It is understood that submission of application for immigration is never generic, routine and/or time bound. The concerned case officer may call for additional documents, as per the changing requirements of the process, and may request for further submission of such additional documents to the concerned immigration authorities. Any request for refund on these grounds will not be entertained.

The applicant accepts that the immigration process includes showing enough funds, if applicable, which differs from country to country and the process/category the applicant applies. The applicant undertakes to meet such requirement as desired by the concerned immigration/other authorities, and failure to provide such funds by the applicant shall not make WVP International liable for any refund of the service charges or part thereof.

WVP International is not a part of any government authority/organization or embassy. We are a Private Limited company and we do not have the authority to grant you a visa of any kind. We can only assist and advice people who want to migrate or travel to their selected country. Please note that the final decision on all visa applications rests with the relevant government departments in their respective countries.

Our agreements with clients are drawn on bedrock of trust, sincerity, and security, and each option is spelled out clearly. Our terms are transparent and there is nothing hidden.

The client agrees and acknowledges that the company doesn't suggest or force any service/product/visa etc. and the pronouncement of a particular service/product/visa etc. is client's individual decision and cannot be at any time assumed to be a company judgment. WVP International markets all the products and educates all clients about the opportunities without any external pressure to have decided on this service/product/visa etc..

The applicant has noticed all the above provisions in detail, agrees, and continues to adhere to all the terms and conditions on signing/acknowledging this agreement.

 For further details, please reach out to us or you can e-mail us on  we will use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly determine and remedy the problem.

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